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 Rules for Participants in The UWOL Challenge - Updated 25/07/07

1. Timings - The UWOL Challenge will run 6x this year, beginning February, April, June, August, October, and December, commencing on the 1st of each month. A fresh sign-up thread will be posted at our partner site ( one week before the challenge begins. Contestants will be required to sign up for each challenge separately. Once the thread closes, no new players will be admitted for that Challenge. Players will have three weeks to shoot, edit, and post their videos online. This gives two full weekends for participants to travel to new and difficult-to-reach locations with their gear.

2. Signing up - You must sign up for a free account at our partner site at You will need to do this so you can post your feedback thread and also access the "sign up" thread in our dedicated "Under Water, Over Land" sub-forum at DVinfo. During the sign-up, all first-time players must send an e-mail to the Challenge coordinator at You will not be able to receive uploading instructions and contest updates if this e-mail is not sent.

3. Contest topic- On the first of the month, a topic or prompt will be posted into a new thread at the DVinfo site.

4. Production - Submissions should be 2-3 minutes in length. Entries exceeding the 3 minute limit can be posted on the site but will be disqualified from the judging. Credits are excluded from the 3-minute limit.

5. Material - All material must be original and shot for the purpose of being judged in this contest. All music must be fully licensed. If you use copyrighted materials (music or other copyrighted works), be prepared to show us proof that you own the right to use it. Without proof, we will remove your video from the site. You have the option of providing us with an image-only version, in the event that we are forced to remove it, since our goal is to enable players to make beautiful video images and to develop good production practices. You retain the rights to your video.

6. Compression - To ensure that all videos can be viewed across platforms (Mac, PC, etc.), all submissions MUST be compressed to Sorenson 3, Mpeg1 or Mpeg4 codecs. Video size is limited to 60 mb 320 x 240 (4:3 aspect ratio) or 428 x 240 (16:9 widescreen). These videos will be the judging copies, however players are also encouraged to post additional copies of their videos to their personal websites or other websites. This way, players can offer viewers a range of formats, file sizes, etc. Help with compressing your file is available here.

7. Naming Convention - All entries must follow the following naming convention. If you don't follow this guideline it may hinder or render your entry disqualified. Once you've signed up for our the challenge in the sign up thread on dvinfo you will have a number related to your sign up, this number must start the file name of your film followed by the challenge number and then the title of your film.

SIGN UP THREAD NUMBER_UCX_yourfilmname.(fileextension)
example as follows

8. Submissions - It's your responsibility to be sure that the Challenge coordinator has your most up-to-date e-mail address so that the challenge coordinator can forward you the uploading information during submissions week. If you don't send the e-mail, you won't receive the required upload clearance. At the deadline, the password will be changed, submissions will be locked, and no new submissions will be admitted. We now have a spangly new uploader to make uploading your film a breeze. Just go to the home page of this site (by clicking the main title banner) hit 'upload my film' and follow instructions.

9. Judging - A new guest judge will be enlisted to help with the judging each month. The Challenge coordinator will forward the top 8-10 videos to the guest judge, who will be invited to select the final winner. The guest judge will also have the opportunity to select additional finalists and honourable mentions at his or her discretion. At least once a year, we will have one round of play which is self-judged by the players, to ensure that everyone appreciates the difficult task of judging this contest.

10. Winners - Winners will get a place in the winners circle and awarded a prize package, to be determined.

11. Fun - Oh and last but definitely not least all participants must have fun!

These guidelines are subject to revision without notice.


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